Joe Carroccio is the Founder & President of the Good Life News, Inc. and has over 40 years of Marketing, Sales, Media, Management and Operational experience in technology, communications and Energy Management.

As a management consultant, Joe has worked with various industries all over the U.S.  He assisted with the development and implementation of sound Marketing & Media Programs for small to large businesses utilizing efficient and cost effective techniques. He creates Internet Information Commercials, does Website analysis and provides Business and Strategic Marketing services.

In addition, for six years, he was a Director for the Social Services Agency, HRA, of the city of New York. Also, as an entertainer, Joe has performed as a vocalist, musician, and promoter/manager of many musical productions and presently is the lead singer and bass player for his own band, Good Time Rock, in Arizona.

In 2004, Joe created the Arizona Good Life Newspaper and was its Publisher until the last issue in Nov. 2008. He is an Internet radio talk host, interviewing Authors for the Author’s Voice, housed on the andAchieve


Joe was born, bred and fed in Brooklyn, New York and with a name like Carroccio, you can bet on his heritage – Italian. He later raised his family, which included three children, in central New Jersey.

Joe is an entrepreneur and has led a very versatile life. As an entertainer he began singing at the age of 16 due to the coaxing of his friend, Joey B. Joe, also is a self-taught bass player, who started at the age of 21, and has yet to put it to rest. His vocal style has earned him the title of the “Wedding Singer” (which is also the title of one of his future books). When the opportunity arises, he sings with Sun Lakes Big Band, a 15 piece “Glenn Miller” swing band in Arizona.

In addition to Joe’s entertainment career, he has served as a PTA and Band Parent Officer, a Scoutmaster, a volunteer auxiliary police officer as well as a Civil Defense volunteer for Disaster Recovery.