21 DecCommon Roof Problems and Its Causes

The way roof wears, bumps and the wrinkles it bears, shows a lot why it is failing. Every type of failure such as splits punctures and blisters result from a certain cause. A very poor design, for example may lead to splits, and debris can result to punctures.

It is very important to understand the causes of common roof problems. This can help the homeowners to avoid errors that can shorten life of the roof. Below are some of common roof problems and their causes:



Bubble like or long, thin raised area on the roof is called blister. These are the most common roofing problem. This normally occurs when gas, particularly water vapor is trapped in the roofing system between the insulation and the plies. During the day when the heat of the result to expansion of the gas. This expansion will create a pressure in the system, which will push plies apart. This will result to blister.

Generally, blisters would not appear, if there were no some reasons for moisture in membrane. The moisture causing the blister can be related to another problem, of poor storage of insulation. Moisture can as well get into a roof that installed during dew, snow, or rain.



Most common split appears, when the metal accessory is flashed using a membrane material. Due to temperature changes, membranes and metals expand and contract differently. This is because, membrane cannot move like the metal. The splits normally occur frequently at the expansion joints. Contractors hardly know the best way to terminate expansion joints cover.

They only run it to wall and later stop it dead. Unfortunately, movement in building never stops at end of expansion joint. As the roofs gradually age, they eventually result to be more brittle and become less resilient.


Abuse and neglect

When we refer to mistreating roofs, the common culprits are maintenance technicians, sign installers, air conditioning, and window washers. It is not common to see debris coming from screws and sheets all the way to empty canisters, abandoned HVAC units, which were left on the roofs after repair visit of air conditioner.

Some small debris might cut the roof when the debris is stepped on. Large debris works into the roof membrane, during hot months of the year. Homeowners contribute to demise of their roofs, when they do not properly maintain them. It is important to repair problems before they result to major problems.


Staying out of trouble

Preventing the roofing problem starts with the design of the roof and materials used. Roof membrane selected should match the characteristics of the building. Roof should be maintained properly. You should limit the access on the roof, only the one needed to be there.

Make sure to keep off lunches, smokers, and sunbathers off from the roofs. Consider having qualified contractors working on the roofs. The roof should be properly examined at least twice in a year. Clear all the drains and remove all the debris.

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