• Life’s Distractions, if you allow them, will keep you from achieving your goals and dreams.
  • Interruptions either slow you down or completely stop you from implementing what you set out to accomplish.

In order to understand The Law of Distraction and Interruption, we must first define some terms.

Distraction is the diverting of the attention of an individual or group from the chosen object of attention onto the source of distraction. Distraction is caused by one of the following: lack of ability to pay attention; lack of interest in the object of attention; greater interest in something other than the object of attention; or the great intensity, novelness or attractiveness of the source of distraction. Distractions come from both external sources and internal sources.  Divided attention is also defined as distraction in situations requiring full attention on a single object. A handful of interruptions may or may not be considered distractions, because their value or importance is greater than the object of attention; such as a welcomed phone call, creative inspiration, or a medical emergency. Distraction is a major cause of Procrastination.

The best and worst things in life can just happen or we can make them happen. Sometimes it’s in the environment. Recently everything is “green.” But, you can’t go “Green” if you are in the “Red.” We can be distracted by so much that is all around us.

 The age of technology has increased our knowledge gain power, but it has also increased our interruptions, Do you find yourself being continuously distracted …by the cell phone …appointment calendar …computer pop-ups …flyers stuck to your front door …neighbor’s dog barking …kids screaming and on and on?

Your D & I . . . (Distraction and Interruption)

The circumstances that revolve around your life greatly influence you. Everyday we make hundreds of choices. From what we should wear to what we will have to eat. How and why do we make these choices? They are based on past experiences, monetary status, external influences, philosophies, religious beliefs, fear or a lack of knowledge.

 Are we “allowed” to change our D & I?
Can we control our D & I?
Are we complacent about our  D & I?

Learning to recognize what “makes us tick” can help us to determine the difference between welcome and unwelcome distractions and just how many interruptions we want to tolerate. Knowing the difference and knowing when to say STOP! will help us manage our lives timely and increase our productivity, increase our fun time, increase our talents, increase our hobby time and yes, perhaps even to increase our length of time – Life!

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